We restore Confidence!

Whether you are losing your hair, are completely bald, or have scars from previous hair transplant surgeries, we have a solution for you.

Chromaderm is the first center in Kuwait that specializes in SMP (scalp micropigmentation). This is an alternative solution or an adjunct solution to hair transplants. With needles as thin as hair follicles and high grade, safe, and reliable inks, SMP is able fill in gaps on the scalp and give the appearance of the existence of hair follicles. This technique is quick, safe, and long lasting with no side effects. It is ideal to give density to thinning hair, to cover baldness to give the appearance of a shaved head, and to cover up any scars that remain after surgeries.

Our team of highly trained and specialized technicians have been known for the finesse in their ability, their delicate touch, and outstanding results. Visit our gallery to see our results.